Superclass Pisces

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  1. Class: Agnatha are?
    jawless vertebrates (suckers)
  2. Name the characteristics of Class: Agnatha.
    • No paired appendages
    • Cartilage Skeleton
    • single nostril on top of head (monorhinous)
  3. List the other information about Class: Agnatha.
    Ostracoderms are the oldest known fossil vertebrates, covered externally by bony plates. (No fins)
  4. What are the subclasses of Class: Agnatha?
    • Petromyzontia (Lampreys)
    • Myxinoidea (Hagfish)
  5. Class: Placodermi are?
    first jawed vertebrates.
  6. Name the characteristics of Class: Placodermi.
    • Heavy bony armor
    • paired fins developing
  7. List the other information about Class: Placodermi.
    It was known only from fossils, some investigators consider then a subclass of Chondrichthyes.
  8. What are Class: Chondrichthyes?
    cartilagenous jawed fishes.
  9. Name the characteristics of Class; Chondrichthyes.
    • upper jaw not attached to braincase
    • teeth from placoid scales
    • internal ferilization with claspers
    • most ovoviviparous
  10. What are the subclasses of Class: Chondrichthyes?
    • Elasmobranchii
    • Holocephali
  11. What are the orders in Class:Chondrichthyes Subclass: elasmobranchii?
    • order squaliformes (True shark)
    • order Rajiiformes (Skates and rays)
  12. What is the order in Class: Chondrichthyes Subclass Holocephali?
    order Chimaeriformes (Ratfishes and chimaeras)
  13. What are Class: Acanthodii?
    spiny sharks (extinct) 3-5 inches long
  14. List the information about Class: Acanthodii.
    some investigators group these with Osteichthyes, some with Placodermi, and some say they stand apart.
  15. What are Class: Osteichthyes?
    Bony fishes; have jaws, paired appendages, and dermal scales.
  16. What are the subclasses in Class Osteichthyes?
    • Sarcopterygii (lobe finned fishes)
    • Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)
  17. What are the orders in Class: Osteichthyes subclass Sarcopterygii?
    • Order Crossopterygii
    • Order Dipnoi ( Lung fishes )
  18. What are the infraclasses in Class: Osteichthyes Subclass Actinopterygii?
    • Chondrostei (Sturgeons and paddlefishes)
    • Neopterygii ( Gars and bowfin, modern ray finned fishes)
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