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  1. circulate
    to move throughout a group or area
  2. corrode
    to be slowly weakened by chemical reactions
  3. derive
    to come from
  4. detection
    discovering something that can't easily be found
  5. expeditiously
    quickly & efficiently
  6. implement
    to carry out
  7. innovative
    ahead of the times
  8. installation
    setting something into position for use
  9. maintenance
    keeping something in good condition
  10. simulation
    an imitation or representation
  11. combustion
    the process of burning
  12. component
    one part of a system or whole
  13. convey
    to transport from one place to another
  14. discretely
  15. nucleus
    a core
  16. permeate
    to spread or flow throughout
  17. rotate
    to turn around; to take turns in sequence
  18. solar
    relating to the sun
  19. source
    the point of origin or creation
  20. trigger
    to set off or initiate
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