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  1. acquisition
    taking possession of something
  2. anomaly
    something unusual
  3. consciously
    with awareness of one's actions
  4. degrade
    to reduce in value or strength
  5. gap
    opening; a big difference in amount or quantity
  6. indisputable
    beyond doubt
  7. intervene
    to come between
  8. intuitively
    by means of a natural sense
  9. recede
    to move back or away from
  10. retrieve
    to bring or get back
  11. agnostic
    one who doesn't know whether there is a god
  12. animism
    the belief that natural objects have souls
  13. atheist
    one who doesn't believe in God
  14. be inclined to
    to favor an opinion or a course of action
  15. contemplate
    to consider thoughtfully
  16. deify
    to worship as a god
  17. ecclesiastical
    relating to a church
  18. exalt
    to praise or honor
  19. pious
    having or exhibiting religious reverence
  20. sacrifice
    giving up something now for something better later
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