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  1. allegiance
  2. artillery
    large guns
  3. battle
    to fight against
  4. cease
    to stop
  5. hierarchy
    a system of levels based on importance
  6. in the trenches
    in the middle of the hardest fighting or work
  7. mobilize
    to put members of a group into motion
  8. rank
    to put into order by importance
  9. ratio
    the relationship of one number or amount to another
  10. strategic
    related to long-term plans for achieving a goal
  11. annex
    to make something (usually land) part of another unit
  12. apex
    the highest point
  13. collapse
    to fall down
  14. conquest
    a takeover by force or continued effort
  15. devise
    to find an original way to make an object or a plan
  16. invasive
    aggressively entering into someone else's territory
  17. prevailing
    strongest or most common
  18. resist
    to refuse to give in to a strong force or desire
  19. severely
    harshly or extremely
  20. violation
    an action that breaks a law or agreement
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