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  1. chronologically
    in order according to time
  2. coincide
    exist at the same time
  3. consequence
    a result
  4. core
    object at the center
  5. deny
    say something is not true
  6. diminish
    make something smaller
  7. longitude
    imaginary lines running north to south
  8. milieu
    general environment or surroundings
  9. Orwellian
  10. reconciliation
    making peace after being enemies
  11. allocate
    to give out certain amts for diff. purposes
  12. commodity
    a thing that can be bought & sold
  13. decline
    to decrease in power or amount
  14. equity
    the value in an investment
  15. inflation
    rising prices
  16. net
    what results after costs are deducted
  17. per capita
    for each person
  18. regulate
    control according to a set of rules
  19. subsidy
    money given by a government
  20. tangible
    able to be seen
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