Fuel Handling

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  1. How many fuel assemblies are typically in the core?
  2. You see a fuel handler with his hard hat on standing near the Fuel Pool. What do you do, and why?
    Coach them to move away from the fuel pool or remove their hard hat as the Fuel Pool is an FME level 1 area.
  3. Do we currently reuse fuel channels? Why or why not?
    • No
    • Past experience has shown that re-used channels were prone to warping and bowing.
  4. What is the normal fuel pool level?
    38 ft
  5. How many fuel assemblies is the fuel pool capable of holding?
    2,217 fuel assemblies
  6. What is the numbering system for fuel bundles?
    • Fuel bundles are odd-even
    • Control rods are even-odd

    • [Memory technique: the opposite of the number of letters]
    • Fuel = 4 = even --> odd
    • Bundles = 7 = odd --> even
    • Control = 7 = odd --> even
    • Rods = 4 = even --> odd
  7. What is the proper orientation of the serial numbers on the fuel bundle handles?
    They should be oriented in such a way as to be read from the center of the channel
  8. What is the proper orientation of the channel fastener spring clips?
    They should be oriented so all four are in the center of the channel.
  9. With Mode switch in REFUEL, and the Refuel Platform over the vessel, what 4 conditions will give you a Rod Block?
    • Grapple not full up
    • Grapple loaded
    • Frame mounted hoist loaded
    • Trolly mounted hoist loaded
  10. With the mode switch in REFUEL, what Refuel Platform condition allows rod withdrawl?
    Refuel Platform NOT over vessel
  11. What is the MINIMUM amount of shutdown time required before moving fuel within the reactor?
    24 hours
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