Count of Monte Cristo Vocabulary

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  1. melancholy
    • adj. mournful; depressed
    • n. a gloomy state of mine, especially when prolonged or habitual
  2. Obsequious
    adj. utterly compliant or deferential
  3. ardent
    adj. having intense feeling, emotion, or devotion; passionate; fervent
  4. supplicate
    v. to pray humbly; make humble and earnest entreaty or petition
  5. maxim
    n. a principle of conduct
  6. impassive
    adj. without emotion; apathetic; unmoved
  7. fetid
    adj. having an offensive odor
  8. edifice
    n. a building, especially one of large size or imposing appearance
  9. fervent
    adj. having or showing great intensity or spirit, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.
  10. lucidity
    n. a characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane; easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible
  11. ingenuity
    n. inventive talent; cleverness or skillfulness or conception or design
  12. vigor
    n. active strength or force; healthy physical or mental energy or power
  13. prodigious
    adj. extraordinary in size, amount, extend, degree, force, etc.
  14. assiduous
    adj. persevering; industrious; devoted
  15. incredulity
    n. absolute refusal or belief
  16. livid
    adj. deathly pale; pallid; ashen; enraged; furiously angry
  17. scruple
    n. a moral or ethical consideration or standard that as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions
  18. effusive
    adv. pouring out; overflowing (emotionally)
  19. enumeration
    n. A detailed account, in which each thing is specially noticed
  20. sublime
    adj. elevated or lofty in thought, language, etc.; inspiring awe; impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur
  21. recrimination
    n. a charge made by the accused against an accuser
  22. implacable
    adj. not to be appeased or pacified (refusal to be satisfied)
  23. procured
    v. obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means
  24. reparation
    n. the making of amends for wrong or injury done
  25. reprieve
    n. respite from impending punishment, as from execution of a sentance of death
  26. amorous
    adj. showing or expressing romantic love; impassioned romantically
  27. languishing
    adj. indicating tender, sentimental melancholy
  28. pretext
    n. that which is presented to conceal a true purpose or object; an ostensible reason
  29. prodigal
    n. a person who spends, or has spent, his or her money or substance with wasteful extravageance; spendthrift
  30. sonorous
    adj. rich and full in sound, as language or verse
  31. impregnate
    v. to infuse or saturate something thoroughly
  32. rendered
    v. to do; perform
  33. pallor
    n. unnatural paleness, suually from fear, illness, or death
  34. avarice
    n. insatiable greed for riches
  35. enmity
    n. a feeling or condition of hostility; hatred; animosity
  36. oscillation
    n. fluctuation between beliefs, opinions, conditions
  37. infallible
    adj. unfailiing in effectiveness or operation; certain
  38. strident
    adj. having a shrill, irritating quality or character
  39. callous
    adj. insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic
  40. vindictive
    adj. disposed or inclined to revenge; vengeful
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