Exam I: Nursing as a Profession

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  1. Florence Nightingale
    Founder of Modern Nursing

    Advance Women in Nursing during Crimean War

    First Nursing Theorist: fresh air and sunlight, washing hands, clean water, efficient drainage

    Est. standards for nursing education upon return to England
  2. Clara Barton
    Founder of the American Red Cross (1882)

    Civil War nurse
  3. Virginia Henderson
    Stated that nursing is independent: nurses are not the Dr's hand maiden

    Self-Help: Patients can help themselves
  4. Sojourner Truth
    African American Civil War nurse

    Former slave and abolitionist

    Contributed to women's movement
  5. Mary Eliza Mahoney
    1st African American nurse
  6. Dr. Mildred Montag
    Founder of Associate Degree in Nursing Education

    Number of ADN programs increased from 7 in 1958 to approx. 1000 today
  7. R.N. vs L.P.N.
    Difference in education and scope of practice

    RN: can take verbal orders from physician, assessment, charting (administrative), I.V. push and meds and give blood.

    LPN: Pass meds, accuchecks, dressing changes, administer insulin, etc...
  8. A.D.N. Education vs. Diploma Education (R.N.)
    A.D.N. or Associates Degree in Nursing - 2yr program, credits transfer to a B.S.N. program (college level)

    Diploma Education: Based out of a hospital, credits do not transfer
  9. B.S.N.
    Bachelors of Science in Nursing

    4yr Nursing Degree

    Community Health included
  10. M.S.N.
    Masters of Science in Nursing

    2-3yrs depending on focus of study
  11. Advanced Practice
    Ex: CNS (Clinical Nursing Specialist), CNP (Clinical Nurse Practitioner)
  12. Doctorate
    Ex: PhD or DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
  13. Definition of Nursing
    Function of a nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge, and to do this in such a way to help him gain independence as soon as possible -V. Henderson
  14. ANA
    States: Nursing fills the needs that cannot be met by the person, by the family or by other persons in the community.
  15. Aims of nursing practice
    Promotion of Health - How to stay healthy (stop smoking, exercise, eat healthy, take vitamins, well check-ups, etc..)

    Prevention of Illness - Health talks, etc...

    Restoration of Health - Seeing sick patients

    Facilitate coping with Disability or Death - Nurse is usually the first person a pt. who has just had an amputation of colostomy sees. Treats the patient as well as the family when coping with death
  16. Nursing as a profession
    Body of Knowledge: Nursing courses

    Service Orientation

    Specialized Education: Oncology nursing certification

    Autonomy: **Some people do not view nursing as a profession because we have to sometimes rely on other professions**

    Code of Ethics

    Ongoing Research: Articles in Nursing Journals

    Professional Association: NLN, ANA, and specialty groups

    Commitment to Care
  17. What provides the basis for nursing care?
    A strong knowledge base (scientifically proven) on which to base nursing action.

    **Do not do something just b/c that's how it's been done for 15 years.**

    Continued education for RN in the state of Georgia is not required.
  18. Functions of a Nurse
    A nurse serves ALL functions no matter what type of nurse (s)he is.



    Teacher: Some fields require more teaching than others (ex. Oncology & OB)

    Client Advocate: Some fields require more advocating than others (ex. ICU)


    Change Agent


    Manager: Even if not titled manager, you will be managing your care (managing techs, etc..)Primary care - no tech on the floor

  19. Nursing Theory
    Defined as how you practice
  20. Medical Care vs. Nursing Care
    Medical: Identify disease, orientated towards curing

    Nursing: Identify the human response to a disease (how are they dealing with the disease?)

    Nursing care changes day to day based on the patient's needs and conditions vs. their disease/diagnosis
  21. ANA
    American Nurses Association

    Professional Organization for Nurses

    • Lobbying body for nurses (influence lawmakers)
  22. NLN
    National League for Nurses

    Open to ALL interested in nursing

    Advance the quality of nursing education
  23. The Nurse Practice Act
    **Each state has their own Nurse Practice Act which results in legal scope of practice varying (sometimes greatly) from state to state.**

    Creates the state board of nursing

    Establishes criteria from education

    Can revoke license for practice related offenses as well as non-clinical related offenses (DUI, Battery, etc...)
  24. ANA Guidelines Standards of Care
    Things we HAVE to do

    • Assessment
    • Diagnosis
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
  25. ANA Guidelines for Standards of Professional Performance
    Things we HAVE to do

    • Quality of Care
    • Performance Appraisal - Practice Evaluation
    • Education
    • Ethics
    • Collaboration - Compensate for personal weaknesses as well as with physicians
    • Collegiality - How are we working with each other?
    • Research - Integrate new findings into practice
    • Resource Utitilization
  26. Promotion of Socialization to the Nursing Profession
    Join a professional organization

    Know the Nurse Practice Act

    Community Involvement

    Subscribe to a Professional Journal

    Talk to a Nurse
  27. Professional Development
    Nursing practice never stops developing. Keep up.
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