chapter 6

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  1. _____carries oxygen and food to the cells of the body and carries carbon dioxide and other wastes away from the cells to the excretory organs, kidneys, lungs and skin
    circulatory system

    p 154
  2. pericardium is
    thin fluid filled sacks surrounding the heart with 3 layers: endocardium, epicardium, epicardium.
  3. atrioventricular valves are
    valves at the entrance to the ventricles
  4. semilunar
    valves that exit the ventricles create a crescent-shape like a half moon
  5. interatrial septum
    separates the atriums of the heart
  6. interventricular septum
    separates the ventricles
  7. ischemia
    a condition where the oxygen supply is not adequate to the heart
  8. myocardial infarction
    complete obstruction of blood to the heart
  9. atherosclerosis
    a buildup of fatty plaque in arteries is treated using a coronary bypass.
  10. cardiac cycle
    a complete diastole and systole
  11. diastole
    relaxation phase of heart beat
  12. systole
    contraction phase of the heart beat
  13. notmal heart pressure is
    120 over 80

    p 160
  14. the average adult weighing 154 lbs has ___ liters of blood
    5 liters

    p 170
  15. how many WBC's per cubic millimeters does a normal adult have?
    between 5,000 and 10,000
  16. how long do WBC stay in the bloodstream?
    6-8 hours but reside in tissues for days months or years

    p 172.
  17. how many cubic mm of platelets are in the avg adult
  18. what's the lifespan of a platelet?
    10 days
  19. ____ is a naturally occurring anticoagulant on the surface of blood vessel endothelial cells.

    p 182
  20. how many mg of iron are removed with 10mL of blood in an infant?
    4 mg of iron

    p 325
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