SAT Vocab #1

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  1. banal
    (adj) repeating a worn out phrase; commonplace; trite
  2. candor
    (n) freedom
  3. decadence
    (n) decay
  4. defamation
    (n) harming a person's reputation
  5. ecentric
    (adj) odd; whimsical; irregular
  6. facilitate
    (v) make less difficult
  7. instigate
    (v) urge; start; provoke
  8. levity
    (n) lightness
  9. miserly
    (adj) stingy; mean
  10. obsolete
    (adj) outmoded
  11. phenomena
    (n, pl) observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation
  12. quandary
    (n) dilemma; predicament, uncertainty
  13. restraint
    (n) controlling force
  14. subtlety
    (n) nicety, cunning, guile; delicacy
  15. terse
    (adj) concise; abrupt; pithy
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