Chapter 27 Taylor

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  1. Define Infection:
    a disease state that results from the presence of pathogens
  2. define pathogens:
    disease-producing microorganisms
  3. Six components of infection:
    infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, means of transmission, portals of entry, susceptible host
  4. Bacteria is the number one?
    commonly observed infection-causing agents in healthcare insitutions
  5. define virus:
    smallest of all microorganisms
  6. define virulence:
    ability to cause disease
  7. define endemic:
    occuring in one specific region or populations
  8. What are the four stages of infection:
    incubation, prodromal, full stage of illness, and convalescent
  9. A person is most contagious during which stage?
  10. What are the cardinal signs of acute infection:
    redness, heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function-usually at the site of injury and inflamation
  11. When can disinfection be used?
    When preparing the skin for a procedure or cleaning a piede of equipment that does not enter a sterile body part
  12. When is sterilization used?
    Normally performed on equipment that is entering a sterile portion of the body
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