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  1. The four reasons why a patient would seek dental care are
    • -as a new patient
    • -for an emergency
    • -for a consultation
    • -as a returning patient
  2. What techniques could be used to diagnose decay within a tooth?
    • -visual
    • -instrumentation
    • -radiographic
  3. Which material is not used to restore a tooth?
  4. What charting symbol indicates a tooth that is not visible in the mouth?
    X through the tooth
  5. intraoral imaging is similar to
    use of a video camera
  6. Which f G.V. Black's classifications of cavities would involve the premolars and molars?
    Class II
  7. Which classifications of cavities would involve the incisors?
    • -Class I
    • -Class III
    • -Class IV
  8. How would a MOD amalgam be charted for tooth number 4?
    The mesial, occlusal, and distal surfaces would be outlined in blue and colored in
  9. What dental professional can legally perform priodontal probing and bleeding index for a patient?
    • -dentist
    • -hygienist
  10. Which number exhibits extreme mobility?
  11. The cervical lymph nodes are examined for?
    swelling and tenderness
  12. When two halves of the face are not identical mirror images, the face is said to be
  13. To avoid triggering the gag reflex during a soft tissue examination, the mouth mirror can be
    • -warmed before placing it in the mouth
    • -moved from left to right in the back of the tongue
  14. To examine the tongue, a "blank" is used gently to pull it forward.
    gauze square
  15. The abbreviation PFM stands for
    Porcelain fused to metal
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