Inorganic Chemi

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  1. What is Crystal engineering? Importance
    Crystal Form determines the functional properties. "Function needs form" Crystal engineering "The understanding of intermolecular interactions in the context of crystal packing and utilization of such understanding in the design of new solids with desired physical and chemical properties.
  2. The Dawn of modern Science. The top invention? And Why
    1895 X-rays dicovery. Because led to X-ray machine view crystal structure.
  3. Mitscherlich's law of isomorphism
    substances with same crystal structures (isomorphs) have similar chemical composition
  4. What is polymorphism
    the same chemical substance exhibits different crystal structures. Results in different properties such as melting point etc.

    EX: Carbon (allotropes) Graphite & Diamond.

    Wohler and Liebig discovered polymorphism in Benzamide
  5. What was and who discovered the first co-crystal 1844?
    Friedrich Wohler. Quinhydrone
  6. Types of crystal forms
    • Polymorphs-2 neutral molecules
    • Cocrystals-Neutral cocrystal formr and neutral molecule.
    • Salts-Charged molecules and counter ions
    • Solvates/hydrates-Water/solvent and neutral molecule.
    • Cambridge Structural Database-archive for all crystal structures that contain organic moieties.
    • Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
  8. Self-assembly
    • Spontaneous and reversible organization of molecular units into ordered structures by non-covalent interactions.
    • NO external force
  9. Topology
    Properties of figures and surfaces which are independent of size and shape and are unchanged by any deformation.
  10. Supramolecular synthons
    structural unit within the supermolecule which can be formed and/or assembled by known or conceivable intermolecular interactions(*acceptor and donor*)
  11. MOM Metal organic material
    class of solid state materials that has a combination of organic and inorganic components. Uniquely suited to solve mutiple technological problems.
  12. Supramolecular homosynthons v.s Supermolecular Heterosynthons
    • Homo: composed identical self-complementary functionalites.
    • Hetero: different but complementary
  13. Pharmaceutical Cocrystal
    component crystal in which at least one component is molecular and forms a supramolecular synthon with a molecular API
  14. Green Chemistry
    "sustainable chemistry" designing chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances
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