CSX terminology

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  1. Combination Deadhead
    A portion of the tour of duty is spent in transporting there and the other part is spend on a train. (A cab & A train)
  2. Deadhead
    Train or engine crew member transported from one terminal to another or a hotel without performing service.
  3. Limbo Time
    Anything over your 12 hour max work service allowed. Would be relieved from train service after 12 hours but may sit another 2 hours waiting for another crew. MAX of 30 hours of limbo a month.
  4. Displaced
    The act of taking someones position via a senority move.
  5. Dog Law
    Hours of service max has been reached. Dead - 12 hours is up.
  6. Held Away
    Off duty time away from the home terminal. You get paid continuious time after 15 hours in the hotel.
  7. Mark Off
    Not available for work
  8. Mark Up
    Available for work
  9. On The Law
    Same as Dog Law
  10. Rest
    Number of hours needed before you can return to work. 12 hours is the max you can work in a single tour. After a tour of duty you must have 10 hours of un-interupted rest before another call out.
  11. Max hours in a month
    276 must notify dispatcher when you have reached 264 total hours before departing from the originating terminal.
  12. 25 Hours of Limbo
    Must notify the dispacher before leaving the originating terminal. 30 is the max.
  13. Nine hours in a tour
    Must notify the dispatcher of 9 hours in a single duty.
  14. 12 hours of service
    Must have 10 hours of un-interupted rest after 12 hours of service. If you work over 12 even in limbo add time to the 10 hours of rest.
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