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  1. chetor asti?
    How are you?
  2. tashakor, ma khoob astom.
    Thanks, I am fine.
  3. naam-e- shoma cheest?
    What is your name?
  4. naam-e- mah......ast.
    My name is ______.
  5. as deedan-e shumaa khosh shudam.
    Pleased to meet you.
  6. mah ham khosh shudam.
    The pleasure is mine.
  7. waalaikum salaam.
    Hello and peace be upon you.
  8. ma daram
    I have
  9. ma dareem
    We have
  10. too daree
    You have
  11. shoma darin
    You have
  12. anhaa darand
    They have
  13. ba kabol khosh amadain.
    Welcome to Kabul.
  14. ma askar astom.
    I am a soldier.
  15. o askar ast.
    He/she is a soldier.
  16. qablish nist.
    You're welcome.
  17. famile shoma chetor ast?
    How is your family?
  18. wa famile shoma chetor ast?
    And how is your family?
  19. famile ma khob ast.
    My family is good.
  20. famile ma az kuja?
    Where is your family from?
  21. famile ma az Amrica ast.
    My family is from America.
  22. famile shoma kuja zindagee mikona?
    Where does your family live?
  23. famile ma dar Afghanistan zindagee mikona.
    My family lives in Afghanistan.
  24. kudam ayalat zindagee mikonee?
    Which state do you live in?
  25. ma dar NV.
    I live in NV.
  26. ma mujarad astom.
    I am single.
  27. chee kar mikonee?
    What do you do?
  28. arobee kadee?
    Are you married?
  29. balay na methel astom.
    Yes, I am married.
  30. ma awlaad madaram.
    I don't have children.
  31. da raa ast.
    It's on the way.
  32. salaam aalaikum.
    Hello peace be upon you.
  33. khosh amadain.
  34. khosh bashain.
    Be well.
  35. ma Ahmad astum wa shoma?
    I am Ahmad and you?
  36. naam ma _____ ast.
    My name is _____.
  37. chee hal daarain?
    How are you?
  38. khob astum wa shoma?
    I am fine and you?
  39. ma ham khob astum, tashakor.
    I am fine too, thanks.
  40. ma az Amrica astum. shoma az kuja astain?
    I am from America. Where are you from?
  41. ma az kabol astum.
    I am from Kabul.
  42. az deedan shoma khosh shodam.
    I am glad to see you.
  43. ma ham khosh shodam.
    I am glad too.
  44. khuda Hafiz.
    Goodbye in God's protection.
  45. bah amaan khuda.
    Goodbye in God's safety.
  46. nameesh maqbol ast.
    Her name is beautiful.
  47. nameesh chee ast?
    What is his/her name?
  48. nameeshan chee ast?
    What are their names?
  49. chaee minochee.
    Would you like some tea?
  50. beeshinid.
    Sit down.

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