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  1. Describe measures that should be incorporated into a dental office to prevent a possible medical emergency.
    • -know the patient:establish open communication about patients health &havev complete or updated medical history before dental treatment begins.
    • -Front desk assistant is responsible for updating info.
  2. List appropiate qualifications that the dental assistant must have in emergency preparedness.
    • -Provide emergency care until qualified personnel arrive
    • -Retrieve oxygen unit & emergency drug kit
    • -Remain with patient to assist with basic life support
  3. List the basic items to be included in an emergency kit.
    • -Rubber tubing
    • -Oxygen mask
    • -Tourriquets
    • -intravenous lines
    • -ventilation mask
    • -blood pressure equipment
  4. Discuss the use of a defibrillator for the pusrpose of an emergency.
    • -Stops VF
    • -Provides blood to the heart
    • -Automatic defibrillates
    • -Monitors patients heart rhythm
    • -Distinguishes VF from other abnormal heart rhythms
  5. Describe the common signs and symptoms of specific emergencies, and be able to recognize them.
    • -Chocking: Patient immediately moves hands to throat/ can't breath
    • -Syncope: fainting
    • -Hypotension: orthostatic hypotension, loss of consciousness.
  6. Define specific emergency situations, and explain hot to respond.
    • -Syncope:(unconscious) patient in subsupine 2.loose clothes 3. ammonia inhalant 4.oxygen 5.monitor and record vital signs 6.unresponsive call 911
    • -Chest pain: 911 2.position patient upright3.medicate with nitroglycerin 4.oxygen 5.monitor & record vital signs
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