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  1. Accost
    to approach someone in a threatening or menacing way.
  2. Anguish
    agonizing physical or mental pain; torment.
  3. Affluent
    to be wealthy or rich.
  4. Boorish
    crude behavior, lacking in manners.
  5. Cacophony
    loud noise; inharmonious or discordant.
  6. Cunning
    sly; clever; tricky; deceptive.
  7. Dauntless
    fearless too much trouble; tiresome.
  8. Diabolical
    evil; wicked; devilish; nefarious.
  9. Distraught
    very upset; deeply saddened.
  10. Heedless
    careless; thoughtless doing something without thought or regard for others/actions.
  11. Impoverishe
    poor; to be in poverty.
  12. Inhabit
    to live in.
  13. Lackadaisical
    idle; indifferent; carefree “kick back” attitude.
  14. Promiscuous
    sexually active.
  15. Quintessential
    the perfect example or ideal; idyllic.
  16. Slovenly
    to be messy; untidy; unkempt; ungroomed.
  17. Toil
    hard, tiring, work; to labor.
  18. Tyrannical
    oppressive; abrasive; overly controlling or abusive behavior.
  19. Unscrupulous
    having no morals, lacking in character, honesty; ruthless.
  20. Vindictive
    vengeful; seeking revenge; spiteful and unforgiving.
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