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  1. When was UST established?
  2. Who was it founded UST?
    Archbishop John Ireland
  3. When did UST become coed?
  4. How may students are at UST?
    11,000 (6,000 undergrad, 5,000 grad)
  5. what is the female to male ratio?
    54% men and 46% women
  6. How large is the St. Paul campus?
    78 acres
  7. Where are the 4 campuses of UST?
    St Paul, Minneapolis, Owatonna (Gainey Center), Rome Italy (Bernardi Campus)
  8. What is the percentage of Catholic Students?
  9. How many students graduate in 4 years or less?
  10. What is the average class size?
  11. What is the staff to student ratio?
  12. How many majors are offered?
    over 90 majors, 60 minors, 7 pre-professional programs and a create your own major option
  13. What are the top 5 majors?
    Business, Pre-med, COJO, Psychology, Education and Engineering are tied for #5
  14. What is the UST academic calendar?
    4-1-4: 4 month fall semester, january term (j term), 4 month spring semester
  15. What are the core cirriculum requirements?
    2 English courses, 1 history course, 3 theology courses, 2 philosophy courses, 3 natural sciences/math, 1 human diversity, 1 fine arts
  16. Is there a foreign language requirement?
    yes, 3 semesters but students will take a placement test to determine the correct level for them to enter into
  17. How many students study abroad?
    by graduation 60% fo seniors will have studied abroad, about 1,000 every year, 600 every j-term, UST is ranked #7 in the nation for the % of students who study abroad by the time they graduate
  18. what programs does ust have?
    students can travel with over 130 programs in 40 differente countries on all 7 continents, top destinations: england, italy, spain and australia
  19. Does UST have ROTC?
    yes, air force here at UST, army or navy/marine through the U of M
  20. Does UST have community service opportunities?
    VIA, vision, CILCE, tutor mentor
  21. What oes ACTC stand for?
    associated colleges of the twin cities, consortium of 5 private colleges: augsburg, st cates, hamline, macalester and UST
  22. Are there opportunities to participate in clubs and organizations?
    more than 135 clubs and organizations, easy to create your own club
  23. what student government/leadership opportunities are available?
  24. May freshman have cars on campus?
    they may have cars, its more expensive and most likely will have to street park, upperclassmen can
  25. Transportation on campus?
    Minneapolis campus shuttle, metro transit bus line, STAR sponsored shuttles, Tommie Taxi, ACTC shuttle
  26. whats the percentage of students who live on campus?
    90% of freshman, 50% of the student body in total
  27. what sports are offered?
    11 varsity sports for both men and women, all the same except M baseball and football, and W volleyball and softball
  28. What conference is St. Thomas in?
    MIAC (Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)
  29. Who are the andersons?
    Lee and Penny Anderson made a gift of $60 million, the single largest contribution to a university in MN, Lee is on the board of trustees and hte chairman of the APi group inc.
  30. Who was Ignatius O'Shaughnessy?
    student at st johns who was asked to leave, he apologized asked st thomas to come, he was a star football player, later hit it big in the oil industry and donated a bunch of money to UST, nothing was given to st Johns
  31. what are lavin burgers?
    Father lavin was a priest at UST until recently he lived in Ireland hall for over 50 years as a student and factuly member, every sunday night he made pb&js, now the RA's continue this tradition
  32. the chapel of st thomas aquinas
    renovated in January of 2008, designed by the same designer of the cathedral in st paul, 16 month waitlist for weddings, one of the couple must be catholic
  33. Scooters
    named after Father Lavin, since his name was scooter as he had a scoot like walk, free concerts
  34. The Arches
    JRC was originally named Albertus magnus hall, albertus was st thomas aquinas' mentor, arches were built to connect the two buildings to show albertus' and aquinas' relationship, as well as, the relationship between our factuly and students
  35. Becoming a true Tommie
    one must be kissed by antoher tommie under the arches at midnight
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