Bio Lab 1

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  1. What is the Cell Thory?
    That all organisms are made of cells that store DNA
  2. What is the Gene Theory?
    DNA sequences may be altered by mutation or by crossing over and segregation during meiosis
  3. What is the Theory of Heredity?
    Changes in DNA sequences produce individual, heritable cariation.
  4. What is the Theory of Evolution?
    Genetic change over time.
  5. What is the scientific method?
    • 1) Make observations
    • 2) Form a hypothesis
    • 3) Design an experiment
    • 4) Collect data
    • 5) Analyze data
    • 6) restructure experiment
    • 7) Share results
  6. What 3 things should an experiment have?
    • 1) A control
    • 2) A variable
    • 3) An independent variable
  7. What are the differences between compund mircoscopes and dissecting mircoscope?
    • Compound uses transmitted light and dissecting uses that and reflected light.
    • Compound has a higher magnifaction with lower resolution and dissection is the opposite.
    • compund has one len while dissection has 2
  8. What does the illuminator do?
    it is the light source
  9. What does the rheostat do?
    adjusts light intensity
  10. What does the condenser do?
    Focuses light
  11. What does the iris diphragm do?
    raises and lowers the condenser
  12. What power do you use for coarse adjustment?
    Low power
  13. What moves the side towards you
    The Y-axis knob (on top)
  14. What helps move organisms move through the termite gut?
  15. What is parfocal?
    means that a low paer objective remains roughly focused when a higher power objective is used.
  16. What is parcentric?
    A speciment centered over the condenser using a low power objective, remains centered when a higher power objective is rotated into place.
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