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  1. I would look for an apartment if they offered me that job
    cercherei un appartemento se mi offrisero quel lavoro
  2. if it's cold I'm staying at home
    se fa freddo resto a casa
  3. if you study, you will not have problems
    se studierai, non avrai problemi
  4. If they had more free time, they'd do more sport
    se avessero piu tempo libero, farebbero piu sport
  5. if they had a car, they wouldn't have to travel by bus
    se avessero la macchina, non dovrebbero viaggiare in autobus
  6. would you dance if we went to a disco?
    balleresti se andassimo in discoteca?
  7. if she were more attractive, I'd go out with her
    se fosse piu attraente, uscirei con lei
  8. if I were you, I wouldn't wear red clothes
    se fossi in te, non porterei vestiti rossi
  9. if he felt ill he should have stayed in bed
    se si sentiva male doveva stare a letto
  10. if you come, you'll be able to meet my friend
    se verrai, potrai conoscere il mio amico
  11. if you were a nurse, you would work in a hospital
    se fossi infermiera, lavoresti in ospedale
  12. if we hurry we will be able to see the show
    se facciamo presto, potremo vedere lo spettacolo
  13. if we had a bigger car, it would be easier
    sarebbe piu facile se avessimo una macchina piu grande
  14. they would be much prettier (carine) if they cut their hair
    sarebbero molto piu carine si si tagliassero i capelli
  15. If I had the money, I'd go to Hawaii
    se avessi i soldi, andrei alle hawaii
  16. if I were younger, I could go out
    se fossi piu giovane, potrei uscire
  17. if the economy improved, I would succed in finding a new job
    se migliorasse l'economia, riuscirei a trovare un nuovo lavoro
  18. if you accompanied me, we could discuss it
    se mi accompagnassi, potremmo discuterlo
  19. Possible or contingent hypotheticals?
    se past subj (-assi), present/past conditional (emmo/avremmo -to)
  20. I'd buy it if it weren't so expensive
    Lo comprerei se non fosse cosi costoso
  21. if I were rich, I'd buy myself an apartment in Paris
    se fossi ricco, mi comprerei un appartamento a Parigi
  22. if he weren't an idiot (scemo), he wouldn't have treated her badly
    se non fosse uno scemo, non l'avrebbe trattata male
  23. Impossible hypothetical (changing the past)
    se + past perfect subjunctive (avessi -to), present/past conditional (emmo, avremmo -to)
  24. if I had taken the train, I would be in Rome now
    se avessi preso il treno, ora sarei a Roma
  25. if you had accompanied me, we could have discussed it
    se tu mi avessi accompagnato, avremmo potuto discuterlo
  26. if he called, we wouldn't be worried
    se telefonasse, non saremmo preoccupati
  27. if I had seen him, I would have told him
    se l'avessi visto, glielo avrei detto
  28. when do you use imperfect subjunctive (parlassi) and when do you use past perfect subjunctive (avessi parlato)?
    Possible: imperfect subjunctive (parlassi):

    Impossible: past perfect subjunctive (avessi parlato)
  29. if more pepole had voted, we would have won
    se avesse votato piu, avremmo vinto
  30. if it had been darker, you would have lived it
    se fosse stato piu scuro, ti sarebbe piacuto
  31. if you had asked me, I would have said yes
    se mi avessi chiesto, ti avrei detto di si
  32. if I had studied di piu, I would have gone to university
    se avessi studiato, sarei andato all'universita
  33. Would you have come if I had invited you?
    Saresti venuto se ti avessi invitato?
  34. if I had gone to that restaurant, I would have eaten a beefsteak
    se fossi andato a quel ristorante, avrei mangiato una bistecca
  35. if I had more money I would have bought the car
    se avessi avuto i soldi, avrei compato quella macchina
  36. if he had my phone number, he would have called me
    se avesse avuto il mio numero di telefono, mi avrebbe chiamato
  37. if you hadn't asked me for it, I wouldn't have given it to you
    se non mi lo avessi chiesto, non te lo avrei dato
  38. if they had offered you the job, would you have accepted?
    se ti avessero offerto il lavoro, l'avresti accettato?
  39. you would have been surprised if you had seen her on the street
    saresti stato sorpreso se l'avessi vista per la strada
  40. if the world were flat, we would fall off
    se il mondo fosse piatto, cadremmo
  41. if Columbus had GPS, he would have found India
    se Colombo avesse avuto GPS, avrebbe scoperto l'India
  42. if I had known it, I would have helped him
    se l'avessi saputo, l'avrei aiuto

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Italian hypotheticals

Italian hypotheticals
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