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  1. impetuosity
    • noun
    • 1. quality of rash action, emotion, etc.
    • 2.moving with great force, violent
  2. impiously
    • adj
    • 1. not indigious
    • 2. disrespectful`
  3. insolently
    • adj.
    • 1. boldly rude or disrespectful
  4. latent
    present but not visible, apparent, or actualized existing as potential
  5. loitered
    to linger aimlessly
  6. malignant
    causing harm, suffering or distress
  7. obdurate
    unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feeling
  8. ocsequious
    characterized by or showing servile compliance or difference
  9. perused
    to read through with thoughness
  10. plaited
    braid, hair or straw
  11. presentiment
    feeling or impression that something is about to happen
  12. prevailing
  13. propensities
    a natural inclination or tendency
  14. refectories
    a dining hall in a religious house, college
  15. repudiate
    to reject as having no authority or binding force
  16. synopsis
    a brief or condensed statement ginbing a general view of some subject
  17. tithe
    the tenth part of agricultural produce or personal income
  18. trenchant
    incisive or keen, as language or a person
  19. trepidation
    tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation
  20. unscrupulous
    unrestrained by scruples, conscienceless
  21. capricious
  22. contiguous
  23. depreciation
    decrease in value
  24. detrimental
    damaging, harmful
  25. exonerated
    to free from guilt or blame
  26. extricate
    to free or release from entanglement
  27. fain
    gladly, willingly
  28. fidelity
    strict obervance or promises, duties
  29. foruitously
  30. incongruity
    unseen, trying to go un noticed disguised
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