Terminology unit 1

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  1. Abutment
    A tooth, Root or implant used for support and retention of a fix or removal prosthesis.
  2. Bevel
    Enamel margin of the tooth preparation.
  3. Cast Post
    Metal post placed into the root canal of an endodontically treated tooth to improve the retention of a cast restoration.
  4. Core
    Portion of a post that extends above the tooth structure.
  5. Custom Provisional
    Pertaining to coverage designed from a preliminary impression or thermoplastic tray resembling the tooth that is being prepared.
  6. Fix Bridge
    Dental prosthesis with artificial teeth fixed in place and supported by attachment to natural teeth.
  7. Full Crown
    Cast restoration that covers the entire anatomic crown of the tooth.
  8. Gingival Retraction
    Means of displacing gingival tissue away from the tooth
  9. Inlay
    Cast restoration desined for Class II cavity.
  10. Master Cast
    Cast created from a final impression used to construct baseplate, bite rims, wax setup, and finished prosthesis.
  11. Onlay
    Cast restoration designed for occlusal crown and proximal surface of posterior teeth.
  12. Polycarbonate Crown
    Provisional crown made from hard plastic tooth-colored material used for anterior teeth.
  13. Pontic
    Artificial tooth that replaces a missing natural tooth.
  14. Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown ( PFM )
    Indirect restoration in wich a thin porcelain material is fused to the facial portion of a gold crown.
  15. Preformed
    Referring to provisional coverage that is already shaped as needed.
  16. Prosthesis
    Fabricated replacement for a missing tooth.
  17. Shade Guide
    Accessory dental item that contains different shades of teeth and is used to match the color of a patient's teeth for the labratory technician.
  18. Stainless Steel Crown
    Thin crown made from a medium-hard material for good durability.
  19. Three Quarter Crown
    Cast restoration that covers the anatomic crown of a tooth except for the facial or buccal portion.
  20. Unit
    Each component of the fixed bridge
  21. Veneer
    Thin layer of composite resin or porcelain bonded or cemented to a prepared facial surffaced
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