chapter 11

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  1. ACT stands for
    activated clotting time
  2. aerobic
    with air or able to live only in the presence of oxygen
  3. anaerobic
    without air or able to live without oxygen
  4. ARD
    antimicrobial removal device
  5. autologous
    donating blood for one's own use
  6. BAC
    blood alcohol concentration
  7. bacteremia
    bacteria in the blood
  8. BNP is
    cardiac hormone produced in response to pressure overload
  9. BT is
    platelet function test
  10. chain of custody
    detailed documentation for forensic specimens collection
  11. compatibility refers to
    the ability to be mixed together without unfavorable results
  12. CRP
    nonspecific marker for inflammation
  13. EQC
    instrument's electronic QC check
  14. ETOH is
    Abbreviation for ethanol
  15. FAN
    fastidious antimicrobial neutralization
  16. FUO
    fever of unknown origin
  17. GTT
    test used to diagnose carbohydrate metabolism problems
  18. HCG
    hormone detected with POCT pregnancy test
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